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Jun 20, 2011

Sea Food Market Restaurant , Soi 24 - Bangkok

No matter how many times I visit Bangkok  there is still much places to see, discover and ofcourse food to enjoy :) on my last visit 2 weeks ago I had the chance to have a new wonderful experience all at Sea Food Maret Restaurant , Soi 24 ( Soi means street )  ! other than enjoying sea food at the right place in bangkok ! I had to shop for my dinner ! jinii dasha jm3eya o atmasha o atsawaq bs sea food ! and also shop the basic ingredience you want your food to be cooked with ! mthl vegetables ! amazing experience I loved it bs 7asafa ma qedrt asheel my food myself ! Why ? because some were a live !!! loool 

Sea Food Market Restaurant, Soi 24 Bangkok is a MUST when visiting Bangkok :)

ahhh bs sheft elooya jan ashta6 o
 atshawaq 3la el food ! I had a lobster in mind !

Now that we got our table , the place wasn't grouded at all I guess we had an early dinner that day :) its time to shop Sea food ! first you do your shopping then take your goods back with you to your table them the chef him self will come to  your table to ask you how you want your meal cooked ! Wow :)
Let's shop sea food ;)

Plastic bags to keep your purchases alive and secure :P

hatheeeeelaaaaaa a7bhum ana :D

qebaqeb !! they were looking me into the eyes !!! thank god they don't look that cute :P

and some of these please ;) for my mama and me

and one for my mama's friend ;) 

we could use a little help ;)
Shopping dinner almost done ;)

Still more to shop !

All set ;) now  its time to dine and enjoy the Sea Food !

I never ever thought that I would fall in love with Thai food !
and the story begins with the delicious Tom Yom Soup ! nothing raw people :P all cooked shrips mashrooms and vegtables
calms and grilled shrimps

had to try it ! but lets say didn't stay in my mouth for 1 minute :P

to be honest the food tasted so good ! mashallah and also the price for sea food was ok ! I don't remeber how much exactly but I know if it was expensive I would have remembered ;)

I know its lunch time :P so who's going Bangkok ? take me with you :)
People going Bangkok this summer .. add Sea Food Market to your lists !

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