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Jun 22, 2011

ChatuChak Weekend Market (1) - Bangkok

Its My Place that Market el3jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb !!!! ma amel minhah !!! I spent a whole day there and still there is much to see every time I'm there is like if I'm there for the first time !!

 Whenever I plan to visit Thailand I always set my plan that I stay in Bangkok Saturday's and Sunday's ! why because that Market opens only for the weekend its the official weekend market in Bangkok !

on my last trip two weeks ago I went there saturday and sunday and still I know alot to see in my next visit inshallah !

My lovely readers I introduce to you the Amazing Chatuchak Weekend Market  ! simply a place to shop everything you need !! you will be amazed of what kind of stuff you can find there ! even young designer which are students ! they have small shops there !! trust me girls you will love it even you guys fi sowalef waaayed 7aqkum b3d ;) you have to know one thing and its important ! once you see something you like BUY IT ! why ? because that place is really really really big ! and its gonna be really hard to go back to buy something I mentioned everytime I'm there ashoof shay ydeeed ! I never gona by the same paths!

 You need to know if you're going there : 

1- go early morning the start you're day there why because you might want to go back to the hotel 3la el sa3a 1pm to pray then come back and stay until the 6 pm :) 

2  - for me I don't eat anything from there , I only drink water or Coconut :P aham shay shay emsakar mo emba6al leana elmokaan wayed z7ma o eshway not than clean but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy ! to explore is an art o mo el kil e3aref eshloon ykteshef :P ybeela 9aber o don't consider yourself just think you are just a traveler :)

3- Bargain .... learn the basics to bargain :P a smile ofcourse will do lol lazim smile la tq3edoon etkasroon o etzefoon :P bargain and learn the basics t bargain in Thai language :P I did learned o I bargained in Thai :P bs b3deen lma qamaw yqreqoon tewahaqt lol :P

4- hold your belongings.

5- most of the people who work there and own their shops are so friendly I loved them.
6- The taxi on your way back home will take extra charge 3aadi 250 BHT or more .tra klhum jthii cuz its their peak time 7azat el elsouq bsaker ;)

7- carry all the cash you got :P you will shop for unique stuff that only can be found there !

8- Usually its get really really HOT there and humide ! but last time it was ok hot but it was ok :) drink alot of water and wear something light .

9- your camera ready in your hands :)

10- you bought some furniture or heavy goods ask for the DHL office or some others too :) they are all there

and now here goes my tour or some of my tour :)

Madri shno hathi bthb6 !
bs adri enii baqeet aboooqha min 9echi wallah el3theeem !!!!
 mashallah mashallah etshaweq ! ohwa elmfroth trqe9 Thai bs kanat em3a9ba 3la her bro lol

hot dog toast jena :P

Fruits for everone ;)


My cocount

I loved her hair style ! mashallah ! its just at the right place
because it was really hot

That's what you learn from traveling ! allah etamem 3leeha o ekhaleelha 9e7aat.ha !

la 3ad ehni yaakum mwthoo3 el teberbes :P

local designers fashion

old books ! you might find some unique books :)

grandpa and grand daughter together one band :)

mwthoo3 eni r7t li 3ndha abi a3aref laish etbee3 el al3aab kil wa7ed broo7a y3ni she6arii LOOOL b3deen lma b3dt mama nadatnii qalatli shefteeha etbee3hum yakloonhum ana ayhum !! wela hatheeela !!! I know ena yakloonhum bs 9ra7a ma twaq3t the would do the presentation that way LOOL twaq3t fi ma3oon shay akshakh y3ni :P adri Yuck !!!!

qa3d e7aseb floosaa ...

shawaqnii o wanted to try it but I had my braces elastics on ;/

ok eqaldoon eli fi SF mathalan :P

This is just a small tour ! there is always more to see and to discover ! coming up more tomorrow in a post more of  chatuchak ! you want a puppy ? you can get it from there :) and I'll show you what I got me from there :)


giggles said...

lejna6 in the 5th pic eshawgon.

AMA Traveler said...

giggles : ee shefteehum ! fanateq bs elsooq ybeelah re7la estekshaf ma ykfeeh bs saturday o sunday !

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