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Mar 21, 2011

Shop Fashion Island !

This mall in particular was the place that I had to go by everyday and another when I was in the states last summer ! it has a different kind of shopping blending the indoors and the outdoors.

Its Fashion Valley  One of the best shopping Malls in Orange County, CA located at NewPort's Beach. checkout their Store and Dining Directory.

Just  put in your mind when you plan to shop there , many people come for either shopping or for dining not alone :P with their lovely dog pets :P shay 3jeeb o emkashkheenhum b3d lol eshawqoon !

Why do I love that mall that Much ? because I celebrated Nordstrom's Department Store Anniversary there !

Wwhen I was there last summer in July I got the news from their page on Facebook calling out for people to celebrate with them !

What's the fun? the store doors were opened that day early at 7AM !!

What can you enjoy ? The biggest sale of the year at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which is  held each July. This event has become legendary among Nordstrom customers nationwide who enjoy outstanding savings on the most exciting new fall merchandise before the season starts !

and (ma 9adaqt khbr :P ) we stayed 20 minutes away from that branch at Fashion Valley , so me and my mom arrived 7:45 and you know when did we left? at 1PM lol and still we haven't checked out the shoes and bags section ! its not only for one day it runs for a couple of weeks all over the states too! I guess but  If you want the best collection, you have to be there on the first day of the sale.

in love with their arranged parkings ! shay eyanin ya 7lohum walalh

and that's the beach on the other side

and home furniture too ! I bought
 what I could carry back with me to Kuwait lol

I'm not gonna tell what's that store's name :P wanna keep it a secret o la7ad e3alem if you know let's keep it to ourselves :P

a shopping break with a soup from Bloomingdal'es outdoor cafe

well that's on our way from Mssion Viejo
to Newport's Fashion Island


What I Like said...

shopping looks amazing....bas fee so2al mohim...shino sawetay fee el wazin el zayid? Delta yaninoni ma3a el over-weight bags :/

Anonymous said...


shopping in el US is something else *sigh* allah yehneemhum oo yerzegnah

p.s. the store name an...... it's my favorite too ;)

p.s. # 2 I'm star but couldn't log in :(

AMA Traveler said...

What I like: ahlan ! wla mrah jarabt el delta bs shofaw from NYC to LA we took Virgin bs ma shareena wayed mn NY fa kan elwth3 ok bs el international flight kanat m3a british airways kil wa7ed 2 luggages bs lazem elw7da ma etzeed 3n 23 kilos ! fa kil person 46kilos bs reg3na kil wa7ed 3nda third luggage ! qbl radatna I logged bl net o def3t I think 3la el wa7da 30$ fa lma re7na el airport bayan 3ndehum eni daf3a online o it went OK wayed I loved their way

Star : Hi :) ambeh la el shopping khyal eli et3arfeen lma rg3t abi ashoof shay shreeta o ma kan lah da3i ! MAKO ! kil shay ehabel ma eta7asefeen kelesh ! loool don't tell :P khaleeh 7aqna ! ambeh e7na 7ta oma3een mama t6leb mina they deliver to kuwait ya 7lohum ;)

Anonymous said...

we know the name .... its my wife's favorite place in the States ... she spends almost all her budget at that place alone :) ... while I sit on the luxurious leather couch (if the kids are sleeping) or chasing the kids if they are not :-P

AMA Traveler said...

Randy: LOL I gotta be friends with your wife then ! well that's if there is a budget left after shopping in the states ! its still affecting my current budget;) I know those comfortable leather couch ! where my brothers used to stay we call it camp lol ! why? cuz we go shop and bring them the bags and we head shopping again

Wrapping Mania said...

Next time u go to the states baroo7 weyaaaaaach ! we share same passion about u.s LOL shawagteeni :'(

AMA Traveler said...

Wrapping Mania : akh bs akhhh Its my dream to take all the cool sweet girls in this country o enroo7 ensafer together !! one ay one day it will come true asawi my group :P o intay awalhum :***

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