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Mar 15, 2011

Levels of Radiation

    Putting the radiation levels at Fukushima into perspective ...what do we need to know

Its a Clear Illustration that made me understand what's really going on out there. Just wanted to share it with you guys;)


narine said...

Thank you this is very useful. I guess as long as the cumulative radiation in your daily life does not cause your white cells to decrease beyond defense level we're fine? somehow? but this gives some perspective so we don't panic and take more corrective action in our lives :S.

Poor japanese, God be with them :((

narine said...

ok apparently the current radiation around #Fukushima is: 4msv per hour. Damn! that's a lot!

AMA Traveler said...

narine :anytime narine ! you know what I had some plans of travelling somewhere near Japan! plans changed ! its really scary I mean you have to option where can people go its not even something you can see to run away from Imean at least try ! God help Japan ...Yeah Tokyo too

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