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Jul 27, 2011

The Beautiful Earth in One Day !

So That's What Would It Look Like if the Whole World Made a Film on the SAME DAY !  Just amazing ! I loved the Idea ! One Day on Earth ...

What's hapenning here and there ! On October 10th, 2010 (10/10/10), thousands of inspired individuals, representing every nation of the world, filmed their perspective and contributed their voice to a collaborative global film project. 

ONE DAY ON EARTH  explores our planet’s identity and challenges in an attempt to answer the question: Who are we?

People in every country on the planet pointed a camera at the issues in their lives that mattered most. The result? Over 3,000 hours worth of footage from thousands of participants, featuring everything from the world's largest military parade in North Korea to a birth in Kuwait !!! YES a birth in Kuwait .

One Day on Earth will show you the mazing diversity, conflict, tragedy, and triumph that occur in one day.
For more information , click on One Day On Earth

Now watch the trailer :) and enjoy

This project has been made possible by thousands of people around the world.
One Day on Earth has been financed to this point by personal savings of the producers, small donations from the community, and in-kind support.

Plans have been set for 11/11/11 One Day on Earth and they are hoping for extra resources to focus on outreach. 


star said...

تصدقين أحب أشوف earth tv
يوريج باللحظة نفسها لقطات لأماكن مختلفة من العالم ودرجة الحرارة والساعة

كأنج قاعة تشوفين العالم كله


AMA Traveler said...

star : وايد حلوه هالأفكار عدسه تطل عالعالم كله :)