Its Just the Love ....the Desire ... the Passion to discover in a word .... reveal in experience ...the hidden Adventures .... the beauty of new places around the world .... resorts & hotels textures .... the after all Joy .....made me a traveler... However ...when I'm home I blog about what intrests me as a Traveler

Aug 8, 2011

Few More Trips to go in 2011

Wasn't May ? My last trip I guess was on May to Thailand . Its good that I don't really keep track of time or dates lately otherwise I would have went crazy :P staying in town all that long without any single trip :P its just the thing I love most in life more than anything is Traveling ! Its been a long long time since I last post its just that I prefer posting about my trips, my own experience at each destination I travel to .

but I have great news , great trips too coming up inshallah ..some are planned some are not but Who says no when it comes to traveling :D its not easy to choose my next destination although its always up to me :) but I think the destination choose you and that happens often with me,  it just hits me that I wanna go to that place.. I always wanted to experience the feeling  that I do a search on a certain destination then head to but it never happened with me before ... one day it might well after I explore all my destination list that I have in mind :)

All I can say is that too lovely short trips are coming up in Spetemper ...its not only the trips its just all about my birthday too :P 

Septemper keeps bringing me more trips :P

 So counting the days indeed not its gathering the thoughts and plans in mind for each destination ...... love enjoying trips at their times , love planning for them before their times :) 

its weird how I miss people I don't know people from destinations , cultures , I miss airports , even the worse which is stuck in a plane yes I miss that feeling :) I miss the mess ! I miss not slepping well ! I miss having that beautiful fresh look every mrning only for the sake of exploring a new place ! I miss it all I just miss traveling !

I miss you all my readers :) I miss bringing you my adventures ;) but I promise one fine big trip is coming on the way , I'm not gonna tell bs inshallah its gonna be something hmmm New :D sometimes you just save the best for last ...inshallah its going to be a beautiful trip closure for 2011 :) one stop of the big trip is a  suggestion from one dear friend ..Thank you :* you do really understand me and what I really need ;)


Anonymous said...

dear im atraveler mbarak 3leach baje eshahar im a big fan of your blog
entay ga3da et7aqeqen a7lame lama etsafren ,a7eb esefar wayed bs my kids r young o 9a3ba asafer m3ahum

entay ma tdren shkether i enjoy ur adventures wel food wel pics every detail o 3leach eb alf 3afya
na6ra ur next adventure o beslama moqadaman

giggles said...

il sefar mut3a hope you enjoy every bit of it ;)

Dear Romeo said...

mbarak 3laich eshhar dear
yalla another trip!! tra when you travel have & fun, we too have fun chena ray7een m3ach thanks to your amazing posts ;)

النوري said...

hi my friend next one should be with me to marrakesh ;)

ps: did it ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE UR BLOG a7es chini emsafra weyach. o u have great taste in picking places to go shop, eat, get entertained... etc,

best of luck and enjoy

AMA Traveler said...

Anonymous : ma tdreeen eshkthr klaamch fara7nii :) wallah eniii fr7ana that your are enjoying my trips :D o enshallah more to come ;) Thank you for reading my blog and lovin it ! passion to travel ;)

giggles : qemaat lestmtaa3 :) I feel ena my foot is not on the groung ;)

Dear Romeo : wallah ma tdroon eshkthr klaamkum means alot to me :)Thank you for your great support ! enshallah more fun trips are on the way :)

النوري : اوكي اوكي الحين استوعبت لوووووول .... ملااكش يايه يايه لا محاله ... زهبي الجنطه:P

Anonymous: Thank you thank you ! walalh ma7d emshag3nii ela intaw :) inshallah more to come :D cant wait ;)