Its Just the Love ....the Desire ... the Passion to discover in a word .... reveal in experience ...the hidden Adventures .... the beauty of new places around the world .... resorts & hotels textures .... the after all Joy .....made me a traveler... However ...when I'm home I blog about what intrests me as a Traveler

Aug 28, 2011

Oh Irene

Some people welcomed Irene in a different way .... its never to early to say I survived an incident I think its motivational ..some stores started selling those T-shirts before the arrival of Hurricane Irene :)

I've been to New York once only once & it was enough to fall in Love with the city !
 From all the movies that were filmed there and all the great times I had there with my family vacationing in NYC .. been to those crowded places, streets and shopping icons 
! its simply the city that never sleeps Specially times Square ....NYC I Love you ...

Hurricane Irene has stopped the Life of NYC . Since two days ago people have been preparing for Irene .. food, flashlights, charge your devices many instructions all over the news and including the amazing twitter ! flights has been cancelled .. Games and broadways shows have been cancelled too .. areas have been evacuated ..shelters are occupied with those who need a place to stay ....

Travelers take care and we know its not anyone's fault I guess its just uncounted natural adventure !

Residents of the big apple Stay safe and sound ....
and for the Hurricane ...Irene we Hate you  

yesterday at grand central station NY

two days ago

you won't see that happen alot !

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